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AMIkids and Information Technology – A Lasting Partnership

Nov 05, 2015

Many of our programs offer our students the opportunity to take courses and gain certifications in Information Technology, including A+ certification through CompTIA, a non-profit trade association. It’s one thing to hear about the impact that these programs have on our kids, but as Eric Larson soon learned, it’s pretty powerful to witness it first-hand.

Technology AMIkids White PinesEric, the Director of IT Futures Lab, visited AMIkids White Pines and spoke extensively to National Director of Vocational Training & Job Placement Rebecca Corrigan. He was so inspired by our kids that he published an article about his experience and the value of these job skills for our kids.

Eric discussed the pride he witnessed in our kids and how impressed he was with what he saw, “Just to illustrate how well these students can absorb IT instruction, a student stepped AMIkids CEO and President O.B. Stander through the assembly of a desktop computer, even teaching the meaning of CMOS (Complementary Metal Oxide Conductor) as Stander plugged a hard drive into the motherboard.

You can read Eric’s full article by CLICKING HERE.