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AMIkids White Pines Students Show Mothers Some Love

May 27, 2015

White Pines mothers dayDuring the first week of May, the students at AMIkids White Pines began designing cards to be mailed off to their mothers for Mother’s Day. The boys worked really hard writing poems, coloring, and decorating them to make sure they were perfect to send to their mothers. They were also able to dress in suits and take photographs to send off with the cards as well. The boys also asked to make cards for the female staff around the camp. They told the ladies, mothers or not, how much they appreciated them.  

The ladies were surprised with a breakfast and homemade gifts, waffles, eggs, bacon, salmon, and biscuits on the Friday before Mother’s Day by Mr. Q, Mr. Ronell, Mr. Mckinley, Mr. Sartor. This was a great time to recognize the women on camp that make a difference.