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AMIkids White Pines Student Looks Inward in Poetry Session

Mar 05, 2015

This poem, written by one of our kids at AMIkids White Pines in English class, provides a unique insight into the thoughts of our kids, the challenges they face, and the hope they have to fulfill their potential. This goes to show how the students perceive what is going on in the camps around them; even if we are not always able to observe this.The work we do each day is important and meaningful and we truly make a difference with each student that we encounter!

Help Me Find the Man in Me

All my body does is create blank expressions

How can you learn if you weren’t introduced to the lessons

I strive and reach for more

But where I want to be I can’t even reach the front door

I’m full of potential, I’m full of opportunities

I can’t build a new foundation if I still need help

Destroying the brick wall of the old me

I can change, I want change, but I need a little help

I remember I used to sag even when I had a belt

Now I’m at AMIkids White Pines looking for my over-achieving self

Help me find the man in me

The man I can be, the man you don’t see

The man I’m going to be, the man you can see

The man I believe will blossom before Spring of ‘15

Before my time is up which is 1 to 3

Just wait! What I’ll be

I feel the old man in me slowly starting to leave