AMIkids Virginia Wilderness Institute

AMIkids Virginia Wilderness Institute is a structured, residential program for males between the ages of 14 -18, licensed by the Virginia Department of Social Services as a Child Residential Facility. AMIkids Virginia Wilderness Institute is an approved vendor under the Comprehensive Service Act. Referrals are accepted from a variety of sources, including those from outside the Commonwealth. The facility is located on twenty one secluded acres in Buchanan County, in the southwestern part of Virginia. 



AMIkids Virginia Wilderness Institute has a history of helping kids turn their lives around. For the past ten years, AMIkids Virginia Wilderness Institute has successfully provided behavior modification, education, and treatment services as a private contractor in the Commonwealth of Virginia. During this time 95% of the residents enrolled successfully completed the program.

The program at AMIkids Virginia Wilderness Institute is considered a long-term residential program. The multidisciplinary team will work with the placing agency to determine a program length based on the individual needs of the resident. An individual treatment plan is created to reflect goals for program completion. These goals include targets for Behavior Modification, Treatment, and Education.

  • Academics, to include: Middle or High School Credits, GED Preparation, or College Preparation
  • Vocational Exploration, to include: Small Animal Care (Dog Rescue Program); Business Education; Culinary Arts, with Serv Safe Certification; and Building Maintenance
  • Pre-Employment and Life Skills (Casey Life Skills)
  • Treatment Services, to include: Aggression Replacement Training; Skillstreaming the Adolescent, a social skills curriculum; and TEG (tobacco use prevention program funded by the Virginia Tobacco Settlement Foundation)
  • Substance Abuse education groups provided by private contractor who is a Licensed Substance Abuse Counselor

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