AMIkids Virginia Wilderness

Helping Virginia kids discover their potential since 2001.

Our Story

Community Impact

In addition to what our program does to transform lives, AMIkids strengthens the economies of our local communities by developing young adults into productive members of our community. Due to multiple failed placements in the foster care system, many of our kids struggle with behaviorial, academic, and emotional needs that, if left unaddressed, could lead them straight to the juvenile system.

AMIkids Virginia Wilderness, since 1998, and AMIkids Virginia Wilderness Girls, since 2011 have helped over 800 kids transform their lives and find permanency options, including adoption, mentorship, appropriate foster care, or independent living.

Giving Back

AMIkids Virginia Wilderness also places a priority on giving back to the community through impactful service. This benefits the community and teaches our kids the importance of giving back and helping others. Our kids are often involved with various community services projects.