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AMIkids St. Louis

Helping St. Louis youth discover their potential

Our Community

High school dropouts are three and a half times more likely to be arrested and eight times more likely to be incarcerated than high school graduates. Statistics in our St. Louis community show a strong correlation of violent crimes and incarceration to high school dropout rates. Much of the unrest in our city in recent years has concerned youth. Most of these youth are collapsing—academically, socially, and emotionally—under the weight of various environmental obstacles including insufficient adult support and supervision, violent confrontations, teen parenthood, poverty, homelessness and abuse. Our students live in communities with high to severe concentration of poverty, single parent households, low academic achievement, teen parenthood and other risk factors that contribute to violent and delinquent behaviors in schools and neighborhoods.

AMIkids St. Louis

AMIkids is a unique second chance program in the city of St. Louis that offers both education and treatment for these troubled youth in grades 8-12. Students are assigned to us by either the St. Louis Public Schools Multiple Pathways office for Alternative Education or the St. Louis City Juvenile Court system. Parents and students may consent to enrolling in AMIkids in lieu of school suspension. 

AMIkids St. Louis is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization operating from historic Beaumont High School. Partnering with St. Louis Public Schools (SLPS), AMIkids St. Louis offers an alternative education program that is dedicated to helping at-risk youth develop into responsible and productive citizens.

With your support, we can change the lives of these youth and impact generations to come.

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