AMIkids Piedmont

Helping South Carolina boys discover their potential since 1990.

Our Story

Preparing Today for Success Tomorrow

AMIkids Piedmont understands that to obtain and sustain a productive, crime-free life our kids must succeed in the classroom and acquire the skills needed to obtain employment after graduation.

The kids at AMIkids Piedmont work towards obtaining their high school diploma or GED and we begin the transition planning early so that when our kids turn 18 they have a clear plan for school or work.

AMIkids Piedmont offers a vocational program in food service, allowing our students to earn ServSafe food handler certifications from the National Restaurant Association and local restaurant associations. This certification helps participants prepare for careers in the food service industry.

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We also offer a vocational program in information technology, helping our students earn A+ certifications from the CompTIA IT Trade Industry Association. This certification will help prepare participants for careers in the information technology industry, and will plant the seed of interest and possibility in their minds as they think about pursuing careers or higher education.

Each and every AMIkids Piedmont graduate should leave our facility with skills that will lead them to immediate or provide options for future employment.