AMIkids Panama City Marine Institute

Helping Panama City area kids discover their potential since 1974.

Our Story

AMIkids Panama City Marine Institute

Since 1974, AMIkids Panama City Marine Institute has been dedicated to helping kids discover the potential within them, transform their lives and strengthen our community. Located in Panama City, Florida, AMIkids Panama City Marine Institute empowers our kids through care and guidance to reach that potential and, as a result, break the cycle of failure and poverty.

AMIkids Panama City Marine Institute is a tuition free public school with small class sizes and a blended learning environment that provides live teachers, direct instruction, adaptive computer based instruction and project learning to meet different learning styles. Grades 6-12. A school where every student has a name and path to success. 

  • Middle School: Attend either live classes or use Edgenuity software to pass middle school classes and move from one grade to the next and complete middle school at your pace. Your student can complete classes by passing the assessment exam or use the software to guide them step-by-step through the material.  
  • High School: The student can attend both live classes and use Edgenuity computer software to take some classes. The Edgenuity classes can even be accessed at home! Earn credits leading to a real High School Diploma and graduation.  There are multiple pathways to your diploma, the 18 credit option, the 24 credit option or a GED. 

With your support, we can change the lives of our community's kids and impact generations to come!

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