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AMIkids NC Family Services 

Helping North Carolina kids discover their potential since 2011.

Our Story

AMIkids North Carolina Family Services

Since 2011, AMIkids North Carolina Family Services have been dedicated to  strengthening our communites by helping kidsand their families transform their lives. At five locations across the state in Durham, Greenville, Morganton, Wilmington, and Winston-Salem, AMIkids North Carolina Family Services fosters growth and success by providing individualized, respect based Functional Family Therapy treatment to at-risk kids and their entire family system. Functional Family Therapy is an evidenced based model specifically designed to work with those identified as at-risk or in transition. Results of Functional Family Therapy is a long standing change that impacts multiple generations that breaks the cycle of failure,incarceration,and poverty.

Even kids with a troubled past have the potential to achieve a bright future, and AMIkids North Carolina Family Services every day to separate their troubled past from a bright future.

With your support, we can change the lives of our community's kids and impact generations to come.