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Our Friends at Gadsden County Sheriff Department



Mentors make our students lives more exciting!   We are continuing our mentoring drive to include more officers in law enforcement!  The Sheriff’s Department has promised a total of 20 mentors.

Our students are getting to know the softer side of law enforcement and are thriving!  AMIKids Gadsden is focusing of prevention by being proactive as opposed to reactive in our efforts to get the message to our students that the “choices they make today will effect what they do in tomorrow’s life”.  The phrase is repeated daily as a part of our school creed!

Assisting With Job Placement Efforts

Gadsden Police job placementGadsden County is a rural community with many miles between the various municipalities. Sheriff Morris A. Young has vowed to assist staff in bridging the gap between business and industry.  Sheriff Young regularly brings new business owners to AMIKids Gadsden to meet and tour the facility!

Just recently, Sheriff Young brought his top ranking officers, members from the Gadsden County Chamber of Commerce, and a new business owner, John Coffman of Armada Ammunition to meet staff at AMIKids Gadsden. 

Additionally, Sheriff Young has also offered to use his network to assist in getting students placed in jobs and providing internships where possible.

“BREAKING BARRIERS” Group Life Skills Rap Session Conducted by Police Chief Glen Sapp & Staff of the Quincy Police Department  

Police Chief Glenn Sapp, of the Quincy Police Department, paid a visit to AMIKids Gadsden on March 23rd.  His purpose – a “lunch-and-learn” session with the students!  Chief Sapp, who is also a mentor, spoke in rap session format on the topic of life skills and choices.

Second in command and mentor, Captain Robert Mixon, gave life skills lessons as well.  Making students aware that the choices they made today would impact their future.   His comments were fitting in that it was almost a direct quote from the AMIKids Creed! 

Lt. Gilyard, who is also a mentor, was called away on police business during the presentation.  He is and regular face at AMIkids Gadsden and provides much needed support to his mentee and other students.

Students were very attentive throughout the rap session as they enjoyed their pizza meal.  The message was well received.


BREAKING BARRIERS:  Quincy Police Department Annual Bike Rodeo 
AMIKids Gadsden proudly participated in the Quincy Police Department’s Annual Bike Rodeo in Quincy, Florida.  The community event annually donates bikes to eligible boys and girls in the Gadsden community.  Kids ages 6 – 17 were present with the hopes of receiving a bike from the bike drawing which took place at the end of the rodeo.

The event began at 10:00 a.m. with students participating in various training opportunities – helmet fitting, obstacle riding, and matching kids to bikes of appropriate sizes.  AMIKids Gadsden was on hand and assisted where needed throughout the event.  Directing participants to registrations and providing information for new arrivals.   Appropriate 25 bikes were donated.

“Events such as our Annual Youth Bicycle Safety Rodeo are excellent examples of collaborative efforts between the Quincy Police Department and AMIKids Gadsden. We are proud of the great partnership we share with AMIKids Gadsden and will continue to do everything we can to assure that we Breaking Barriers and improving kid’s lives.” Glenn Sapp, Quincy Chief of Police.