AMIkids Crossroads

Providing foster boys a positive, nurturing home environment since 2012.

Our Story

AMIkids Crossroads

Since 1986, AMIkids Crossroads has been dedicated to helping kids discover the potential within them, transform their lives and strengthen our community. In 2012, AMIkids Crossroads switched from serving kids involved in the juvenile system to helping boys who have experienced numerous failed placements in the foster care system.

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Located in Punta Gorda, Florida, AMIkids Crossroads empowers our boys through care, guidance, and mentorship to separate their troubled past from a bright future.

Making the transition from family life – even a dysfunctional family life – to foster child is an unimaginably difficult proposition. Some kids have substantial complications for which the current foster care system is not well equipped to handle. These kids get moved from failed placement to failed placement. Their self-esteem suffers, they fall behind in school or drop out, and many end up homeless.

At AMIkids Crossroads we take in these boys in and offer them a stable home – for most it is the first stable home they have ever known. AMIkids Crossroads has specially trained staff, counselors and teachers who work to retrieve these kids from despair, help them grow, and then transition into well-adjusted and self-sufficient adults.

Crossroads would not be successful without the financial and volunteer support of our community. Providing the level of interaction, intercession, and care these boys need is much more costly than it is to meet the needs of kids who have not gone through their trauma. These costs are recouped by society ten-fold in the future as we break the cycle of government dependence, crime, and irresponsible behavior which so often befalls kids who are otherwise abandoned.

We must never forget that these are just kids – we cannot abandon them.

With your support, we can change the lives of our community's kids and impact generations to come.