AMIkids Big Cypress

Helping Florida boys discover their potential since 1995.

Our Story

Community Impact

Juvenile crime in the United States has reached epidemic proportions. Nearly three million crimes are committed each year by kids under the age of 18, and when a teenager is jailed just once, their odds of reoffending are 75%.

On average in the United States, three million high school students drop out each year, one million of which are sent to prison. In addition, high school dropouts do not qualify for 91% of available jobs nationwide. As a result, they are more likely to engage the legal system (63% of all youth crimes are caused by high school dropouts), use welfare, or live on food stamps.

This costs our country an average of $235,680 per dropout over their lifetime and totals $1.6 trillion annually. Studies have shown that diverting a high-risk teenager from a life of crime could potentially save society $2.6 to $5.3 million.

AMIkids Big Cypress takes a long-term, sustainable approach to assist our community's youth to discover their potential and obtain the tools to succeed. Studies have shown that diverting one high-risk teenager from a life of crime could potentially save society $2.6 to $5.3 million, breaking the cycle of crime and failure in life.


At AMIkids Big Cypress, our kids, despite having been unsuccessful in previous education attempts, experienced a 1.2 grade level increase in Math and nearly a full letter grade improvement in Reading.

Giving Back

AMIkids Big Cypress also places a priority on giving back to the community through impactful service. This benefits the community and teaches our kids the importance of giving back and helping others.

Mrs  Sutton with 2 Swamp Boys

Our kids are often involved with projects like volunteering with Bikes for Tykes, the Salvation Army, the YMCA of Naples, and helping with the Bonita Art Festival, Garden of Hope and Celebrate Immokalee.