AMIkids Bennettsville & AMIkids Infinity Marlboro

Helping South Carolina kids discover their potential since 1996.

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AMIkids Bennettsville

Founded in 1996, AMIkids Bennettsville is a private nonprofit, staff-secure residential facility in Bennettsville, South Carolina. Our program operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week, serving kids who have committed a variety of non-violent offenses and are involved with the South Carolina Department of Juvenile Justice. Our kids are living in dormitories on campus in a remote location, which is ideally structured to help them work through their issues and gain the needed skills to return to their families and communities.


AMIkids Infinity Marlboro

Founded in 2005, AMIkids Infinity Marlboro is a private non-profit, staff-secure alternative education school in Bennettsville, South Carolina. Our alternative school works in collaboration with local school districts, emphasizing the improvement of student citizenship and increasing academic functioning levels. Referred youth receive alternative education because they are unable to perform within the public school system, have displayed disruptive behavior, are facing expulsion or have learning disabilities or emotional handicaps.

AMIkids Bennettsville and AMIkids Infinity Marlboro use the evidence-based, research-driven AMIkids Personal Growth Model © in offering dynamic programs and comprehensive services to treat each kid's unique issues, primarily focusing on education, behavior modification, and treatment.

AMIkids Bennettsville and AMIkids Infinity Marlboro have helped over 3,000 kids transform their lives, and across all of our AMIkids programs nationally, 74% of our kids do not re-offend within the first year of completing our programs.

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