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AMIkids Launches #BreakingBarriers: Strengthening Relationships Between At-Risk Youth and Law Enforcement

Feb 28, 2017


AMIKids announced the launch of #BreakingBarriers, a national partnership between Law Enforcement and at-risk youth. This campaign creates a positive bond between authorities and youth developing a sense of trust, respect and the opportunity to strengthen communities.

#BreakingBarriers will be utilized throughout several AMIkids programs in nine states. The goal is to develop community events allowing youth to interact with law enforcement, establishing meaningful relationships for years to come.

The partnership will be ongoing and will help to assist youth who may be on a path that needs further direction and development. The campaign will aim to improve the perception that youth may have about law enforcement and help them to understand how they can work together to build well-rounded communities.

The first event started with AMIkids Tampa, which consisted of youth serving a meal to the Tampa Police Department. This allowed youth who are currently in the vocational program a chance to utilize their acquired food service skills. Once this was complete, the youth participated in an activity and discussion followed by serving additional food at Feeding Tampa Bay.

AMIkids is committed to ensuring the barrier is broken between today’s youth and law enforcement. The impact this will have on communities and those that serve will ultimately create a safer tomorrow. 



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